This delicious, rich pudding loaded with nuts and dried fruits is well-known all over the world. It is definitely not a diet food! Normally eaten warm, Gaajar Ka Halwa tastes really good.


Creamy Phirni is a delicately flavored with cardamom and saffron. Fruit pulp can be added to this basic recipe for a delicious twist on an already yummy dessert.


Raita is the most commonly used Indian word for savory yogurt-based side dishes. Raitas are made by combining yogurt all kinds of grated, pureed and chopped vegetables. Ingredients other than vegetables – like Boondi (made from gram flour) or chutneys – can also be used to make Raita. Raita is the perfect accompaniment for all kinds of dishes, especially spicy or hot ones as the yogurt it is made from, cuts the heat.