Ammas Biryani

A taste you will never forget…


Hyderabadi-Chicken-BiryaniAmma’s Hyderabadi Biryani is known for the great taste and is one of the best biryani in Pune. The biryani prepared from Amma’s hand is fresh and fume with the right blend of indian spices that gives you an exotic taste. Amma’s Biryani is a Biryani house where you can come and enjoy the delicious dishes made from amma’s hand with your family .We are most most popular in Biryanis and Kormas. You can also take away the parcel home. Amma promises you to offer fresh food enriched with taste and health .The dishes have right blend of Indian spices and are made from Halal Chicken and Mutton(only goat’s). All the dishes are made with Amma’s hands and it’s a promise from Amma that you will have a taste you will never forget.Ammas Hyderabadi Biyani is a one of the best Restraunt in Pune that serves you the most exotic and delicious biryani you ever had .And now you can have the best hyderabadi biryani taste in pune.And its take away as well. Its the best biryani shop in the city. Here you can get Mutton, chicken and vegetarian biryani and vegetarian stuff as well… It challanages you to offer just the right taste that comes with value for your money .

The dishes that are prepared in the Amma’s biryani restraunt ,are prepared with fresh chickens and are blended with right proportion of Indian spices .Ammas Hyderabadi biryani challanges that when a person eats our biryani ..the taste of dishes prepared here tastes a spell on them and compels them to come back and eat again.A bet you cant have just once .Ammas Hyderabadi biryani specializes in Chicken and Mutton biryani..Also the taste of Chicken Korma and Veg biryani drives you crazy, and if your not happy with the ambiance you can just go to the parcel section and take away.Its just the typical hyderabadi biryani at unbelievable price which can suit everyones pocket. it is rich, fluffy, spicy and cooked with perfection. and the best you can get is kabbas and mutton Qorma and chicken hyderabadi halleem. one serving is enough provided you have a good apetite. You can get the perfect mughali taste here including Roti, Parattha, Egg curry, Chicken curry and chicken dry. We also accept party orders. Ammas Hyderabadi biryani offers the dishes at a very resonable price. At Amma’s hyderbadi biryani you get a typical desi taste of Hyderabad with gravy and raita that not only satisfies your appetite but is also easy on your pocket.